It’s not just our ability to survive through adversity…it’s our ability to thrive.


There are times when we all need to step up and lead… discover your leadership style here.


Culture is a key to an organisation’s success… find out how to design and build your ideal environment.


How effectively we communicate affects all areas of our life. Find out your communication style here.


“Jem Fuller has been engaged to work with Kardinia Park Stadium Trust (KPST) for the past 18 months. His engagement has and continues to be vital in assisting myself and KPST in shifting and improving the leadership and culture of the business.”

Gerard Griffin | CEO

Kardina Park Stadium Trust

“I engaged Jem Fuller in my business unit within the Department to help develop our leaders and build our culture. His coaching is valuable. I would support other managers in having a conversation with Jem to use his skills to help yourself or your teams.”

Greg Leece AFSM | Regional Manager

DELWP - Land and Built Environment

“Jem Fuller has facilitated several workshops for GMHBA Health Services. His ability to coach my team on how to lead more effectively & mindfully has been invaluable. We come back energised and with a fresh perspective & approach to our leadership and culture.”

Dr. Sarah Leach | General Manager

GMHBA - Health Services









In recent times it has become more immediate than ever before; our personal resilience and sense of wellbeing, are critical for the ability to contribute to organisational outcomes and the greater good.

Progressive executive and senior leaders not only understand this, but are now measuring the benefits that come from investing in this piece of the workplace puzzle.

Jem helps you design and implement simple, effective and sustainable practises that turn lofty, philosophical concepts into real, beneficial habits.


Emotions are a necessary part of our human experience. But sometimes we get stuck in a loop that can be very unpleasant amd dysfunctional.

In this short 10 minute course, you will learn a simple and proven process to get yourself ‘unstuck’ anytime you like!


This easy-to-read ebook is a distillation of the most impactful parts of Jem’s international conscious leader retreats.

Applying the practises from this one book will change the quality of your experience of life.


Through my colourful and wonderfully varied life, I have been curious as to how much influence we have over the quality of our experiences and the results we get. This interest has led me to study various ancient healing arts, mind practices and in the last 2 decades leadership, coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Human Behavioural Profiling and Mindfulness Meditation.

The answer to my enquiry has been a resounding “YES”… The way we think, focus, act and move… our perspective and mental agility, our ability to communicate and access equanimity, have profound impacts on our lives and the lives of others.

My mission is to share this with you.


Mindfulness in Communication

Mindfulness in Communication

Here is another excerpt from my upcoming book, The Art of Conscious Communication for Thoughtful Men "Have you ever left a heated or emotional conversation feeling like you had lost some control of yourself in the moment? Ever reflected and...

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A Leader’s Invitation

A Leader’s Invitation

A Leader's Invitation:As a leader, when you invite people in your team to use their natural strengths to help you create the best outcomes, you can achieve many things: better engagement, their feeling of significance, improved relationships (your...

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The Most Important Leadership Capability

The Most Important Leadership Capability

“The ability to be able to calm your mind in high pressure situations, or when the proverbial ‘shit hits the fan’, is an invaluable tool. The ability to be able to put your defensive ego aside, so as to better understand all available points of view, expands your ability to facilitate true collaboration and innovative problem-solving design processes.”

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