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Coaching and speaking on healthy cultures with more mindful leaders.

Like you, Jem knows that a positive, vibrant culture with engaged and happy people is a vital key to an organisation’s success. Do your leaders have a clearly defined roadmap to creating the culture you want? Does your organisation have a development plan to coach all of your leaders to becoming better and more conscious versions of themselves?

Jem unlocks the code of human behaviour and dynamics to help improve communication, connection and collaboration.


E-book – What Matters Most

In this short, informative and compelling book, Jem shares some of the most impactful distinctions from his colourful life and international personal development programs.


Core Speaking Topics

Wow your clients. Inspire your leaders. Entertain your event attendees.

Unlocking the Code of Culture:

We all know that awesome cultures create the best results. We all have an idea of how we would like the culture of our work place to be. But how do we create and curate that? Jem shares experiences of exceptional cultures and how they got there.

More Mindful Leaders:

Usually the leaders in your organisation have the best intentions, but somehow seem to ‘get in their own way’. Have Jem share simple and immediate perspective shifts to help your leaders make it more about everyone else.

Relevance in Relationship:

Look forward into the future… Artificial Intelligence and advancing technology will quickly supersede a lot of our current job tasks. How will you and your people remain relevant?  In this talk, Jem inspires us to focus on building better relationships.


Jem’s unique and engaging speaking style keeps you involved and on the journey as he shares powerful and easy-to-use tools to immediately improve the culture of your workplace and the ability of your leaders.

How do you make your people feel like they belong? How do you form relationships where problems are solved through creative collaboration and everyone feels valued? How do your leaders remain energised, clear and calm through the inevitable pressures of a fast paced life? How do you empower your people to step up, make tough decisions and take action?

Through Jem’s fascinating life experience stories and mindset strategies, attendees create their own ‘aha’ moments and leave the event motivated to make the changes they need to make.

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