Resilience, Wellbeing, Personal Sustainability

The effects of a global pandemic have forced leaders of organisations to bring people’s resilience and mental health to the top of the agenda for board room discussions. It’s about time; these aspects of an employee’s journey have always been important.

It is well understood and documented now that certain elements in a person’s life are key contributors to their resilience and sense of wellbeing. Mindset and perspective, mindfulness, a sense of purpose or meaning, some form of movement or exercise and time in nature.

Also as important are the support systems and structures around an individual in their environment. The processes within the culture of your organisation that have been designed to encourage and nurture people’s wellbeing, truly matter and make a difference.

At the start of 2020, Jem launched his bespoke online course in personal resilience. It has since achieved critical acclaim from First Response Psychology, and is endorsed as a recommended resource for members of the National Disability Services organisation. You can find out more and preview the course here.


After doing Jem’s resilience course, I realised that mindfulness and creating space in our lives is not complicated. I now have practical, realistic strategies that mean I am able to be “mindful” on even the “busiest” of days. It is all about choices that we have the power to make.

Jem is such an engaging facilitator but in a calm and grounded way which I appreciated. He provided useful insights, I had some lightbulb moments. I liked that the course was divided into well ordered, easy to digest segments, I felt like I could complete each section without feeling overwhelmed

This course has allowed me to grow by helping me to understand who I am and give me strategies for moving forward in life with more positivity and self awareness.

Jem is one of the most present people I know. He is extremely well read and knowledgeable about the mind, and able to answer questions backed by science and discoveries. His thoughts on contribution are very important to be spread through humanity.

Jem’s course gave me practical tools I could immediately apply that helped reframe my thinking and reduce my anxiety levels. It was easy to complete and a nice routine completing a 10 min module a night. I’ve found the group coaching sessions extremely valuable and always walk away learning something new about myself.

Jem Fuller is an engaging and motivating speaker, he has a wealth of knowledge and experience. The resilience course is full of supportive and life changing information. The monthly web catch ups were a great way to share information and learn from others. If you are after personal growth I would recommend Jem’s programs

Great strategies, easy to digest, quick to go through. Highly recommend Jem’s approachable style for this important and useful skill.

Jem provides great insight. He has easy to understand techniques for developing resilience and has always taken extra steps to help develop deeper understanding of what he teaches. Michael

The course helped me jump out of the working environment and reminded me to focus and realign my mental health and also to focus on the bigger picture of life.