Communication in Leadership, Teams, Collaboration and Relationships

Communication is so much more than just the exchange of information. It is the bridge between isolation and connection. It is the way to reconciliation and the road to making a better world.

It is also the tool with which we make manifest our creations from ideas into reality. Communication underpins our ability to collaborate and solve the biggest problems. More personally, it is also the foundation of the quality of our relationships, and this constitutes the quality of our experience of life.


Our ability to be effective as leaders is intrinsically linked to our ability to communicate. More often than not, the apparent impasses at work exist primarily because of miscommunication.

Over his thousands of hours of coaching Jem has noticed time and again the need for development in the capability of communication. This prompted him to write his award winning book, The Art of Conscious Communication. This book has been receiving rave reviews globally.