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Jem has teamed up with his partner, Talia (Mindful Movement Facilitator and Pilates business owner), to create a series of three different experiential retreats in India, Bali and on the Great Ocean Road in Australia.

These retreats have been life defining for clients over the years because they embody the content from the program into a literal and physical experience. They combine foreign culture, beautiful nature and enlightening teachings with the time and space to reflect, replenish and grow.

The Mindful Leader – Indian Himalaya

This awe-inspiring and life-defining program is only for the adventurous and intrepid. Let us guide you through the rich tapestry of India, from Delhi up into the serenity of the remote Himalayan mountains. Learn the game changing personal and leadership strategies of our uniquely designed program, then have the opportunity to reflect and gain perspective as we trek high into remote regions of the Himalaya.


The Conscious Woman – Bali

The Conscious Woman is designed as an opportunity for women to give back to themselves and properly replenish and rejuvenate. So often you get caught up in giving and nurturing everyone else (partners, children, employees), that you can forget how to take time for You. This retreat is tailored to deliver our program content in a setting of tranquility and luxury. This is the treat-to-self you deserve.


Relationships Retreat – Jan Juc

We know from extensive research that the quality of your life is directly correlated to the quality of your relationships. Most of us are inclined to invest time/energy/money into developing other aspects of our lives, while leaving the most important element neglected. This insightful weekend retreat not only delivers tools for creating more conscious relationships with your partner, but with all people in your life.