The Conscious Connection Conference has been designed for a VERY specific person.
Read this description. If you feel like it describes you, keep reading 😉


You are creative, entrepreneurial, and driven.

You want your work to make a difference, to positively impact humanity in some way.

You are solutions focused.

You believe things can improve. You are an action-taker.

You value deep connection and authentic relationships.

You believe that the right connections can lead to collaborations that elevate those involved to the next levels and multiply the effectiveness of the project.

You are adventurous and willing to explore

your ‘un-comfort zone’ to keep expanding into your potential. You love the idea of travelling to remote and exotic locations, and the new experiences that await you there.

You have a generous spirit

and you are happy to share your stories, experience and wisdom if it will help others. You are open minded and LOVE to learn.


You’ve had the courage to take risks and try things in alternative ways. You’ve made mistakes but you’ve learnt from them and are still willing to put yourself out there. Your business or work has had some wonderful successes, but you feel like the best is yet to come.

Perhaps sometimes you’ve given ‘too much’ of yourself, but you are still determined to lead from the heart, keep it real, and remain human-centric. Maybe there’ve been times when you’ve felt ‘let down’ or disappointed when someone you believed in and invested in didn’t care as much as you about the mission? But you’re determined to keep going and giving people a chance to come on the journey if they really want to.

You’ve successfully broken away from the ‘9 to 5’ Groundhog Day hamster wheel, but you want to CREATE more so you can GIVE more.

If this is you, I SEE you… And I’ve created this experience for YOU

The Details

A select coming together of:

• powerfully positive minds
• to share and hear BIG ideas
• to multiply your positive impact on humanity
• to be inspired even further into your potential

Adventure, Exploration, Cultural Experience, Nature Immersion, Unlocking Mind Potential Masterclasses, Guided Mindful Movement and Meditation, Next Level Networking, Off-the-grid Trekking / Camping, Future Design and Idea Activation.

• 23-30 Sep, 2024, Naggar, Himachal Pradesh, India
• All acomm, meals, transfers, camping gear, guides etc
• Optional extended mountain immersion longer trek
• Limited to only 16 hand-picked delegates
• $3400 USD (does not include flights or travel insurance)

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“Jem Fuller has been engaged to work with Kardinia Park Stadium Trust (KPST) for the past 3 years. His engagement has and continues to be vital in assisting myself and KPST continue to improve the leadership and culture of the business.”

Gerard Griffin | CEO

Kardina Park Stadium Trust

“I engaged Jem Fuller in my business unit within the Department to help develop our leaders and build our culture. His coaching is invaluable. I encourage other senior leaders to engage with Jem to help your leaders and teams thrive.”

Greg Leece AFSM | Regional Manager

DELWP - Land and Built Environment

“Jem Fuller has facilitated several workshops for GMHBA Health Services. His ability to coach my team on how to lead more effectively & mindfully has been incredible. We come back energised and with a fresh perspective & approach to our leadership and culture every time.”

Dr. Sarah Leach | General Manager

GMHBA - Health Services


Through my colourful and wonderfully varied life, I have been curious as to how much influence we have over the quality of our experiences and the results we get. This interest has led me to study various ancient healing arts, mind practices and in the last 2 decades leadership, coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Human Behavioural Profiling and Mindfulness Meditation.

The answer to my enquiry has been a resounding “YES”… The way we think, focus, act and move… our perspective and mental agility, our ability to communicate and access equanimity, have profound impacts on our lives and the lives of others.

My mission is to share this with you.