12 Months Resilience

Your People Workshops

A series of 12 workshops designed
to nurture, develop and empower


  • To invest in the development of your primary resource; your people
  • To provide support and education with techniques for individuals to thrive
  • Understanding strategies and practices that promote well-being
  • To further build a culture of support and positive perspectives


One Hour Monthly Workshops – designed, hosted, facilitated and recorded by Jem Fuller on his Zoom platform

Each session is provided as a recording for your organisation to keep and use indefinitely. Your product. Your investment. Your training resource.

*The usage can be in-house only and may not be broadcast externally.

Workshop 1:
It Starts With You

How is your ‘relationship with Self?’
Self Compassion
Self Acceptance
Confidence and Belief

Workshop 2:
Power of Perspective

What are you telling yourself?
How beliefs form reality
Evidence for Positivity
How to change perspective
Creating a healthy practise

Workshop 3:

Why Mindfulness?
What is Mindfulness?
How do I utilize it?
How do I make it a habit?
How do I integrate it?

Workshop 4:
Power of Purpose

Is there any meaning to life?
What is mine?
How do I apply it?
How does purpose improve my resilience?

Workshop 5:
Hierarchy of Beliefs

Influencing your reality
Clarity of values
Discover your rules
Letting go
Changing your limiting beliefs

Workshop 6:

Understanding human code
Deepening your connection
Authentic rapport

Workshop 7:
Connection to Flow

What is Flow?
How to know when you’re in or out of Flow
How to access Flow
Creating team Flow

Workshop 8:
Behavioural Styles

Understanding the 4 styles
Identifying others
Adjusting your delivery
Honouring difference

Workshop 9:

Conscious conversations
Mindful listening
Seeking to understand
Not taking it personally

Workshop 10:
Serving the Greater Good

Ego and identity
A practical spirituality
Getting out of your own way
Responding not reacting
Managing your state of being

Workshop 11:
Paying It Forward

How to share your wisdom
Improving the lives of others
Effective contribution
Conscious evolution

Workshop 12:
Recap & Acknowledgement

How far have you come?
What have you implemented?
Where are you going?
The more resilient you


  • Option A – 6 month package OR Option B – 12 month package
  • Live inclusive workshops – design, facilitation, pre & post debrief
  • Video recording and editing – top and tail videos with your branding
  • Packaged into a product for unlimited attendees and indefinite future use with onboarding new recruits


Option A – $12,000 + gst
Option B – $20,000 + gst

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clients have said

My whole organisation has gone through the 12 month resilience training with Jem as one group, and the results have been remarkable. Not only have we received life tools, we all have shared language to continue to develop collectively, and truly value personal development as an important ingredient to awesome culture. I cannot recommend Jem and this training highly enough.

Andrew Daubney

Practice Owner, Rebound Physio

We engaged Jem to take all of our leaders and staff (about 50 people) through this program in 2021. The journey has been remarkable. The benefits have been immeasurable. All of our people look forward to the sessions, and as we bring on new employees, we have the library of sessions for them to go through. The distinctions and strategies Jem teaches immediately improve our ability to self manage, communicate, connect and deliver. This program is a must, if you value your people and culture.

Jen Kay

Business Owner, Chatterbox Speech Therapy