Developing Leaders at all Levels

Leadership can be an overwhelming concept, given there is so much literature and advice on ‘what makes a good leader’.

So many of our leaders come into their role because they were good at getting results ‘on the tools’. This led to promotions and the assumption that they should just be able to get teams to replicate the results they got. If only it were that easy.

Authenticity; critical thinking and culturally aligned decision making; communication of purpose and direction; an understanding of service mindset, and the desire to keep developing self and others. Vulnerability and courage. These are some solid, big-picture places to start. But how do we go from concept to practise?

Jem starts the leadership development journey with an in-depth and scientifically backed profiling tool from Innermetrix, called ADVanced Insights. For a leader to be able to build capabilities, they have to be expanding their self awareness.

This tool measures an individual’s thinking & decision-making style and their 77 personal skills & strengths. It accurately uncovers an individual’s core values & personal motivation which predicts priority-setting and time management. The profile also shows an individual’s behaviour, communication and emotions in normal and pressure situations across all cultures.

One of the benefits of this tool is uncovering blindspots for the leader and understanding how to better form a strengths based leadership style for each individual.

Over a period of time, with consistent coaching, support and accountability, Jem’s clients use the models and strategies he teaches to build healthy leadership practises. The results are; strengthened confidence, more conscious communication, and a better ability to create engaged teams.

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“I engaged Jem as my personal leadership coach over a year ago and the results have been truly outstanding. My ability to remain calm and clear through high pressure situations, and to get results has greatly improved. I recommend Jem as a coach.”

Simon Reid | Owner, Director

Arro Lawyers

“We engaged Jem to work with the senior leadership team of a department and then facilitate workshops for our frontline managers. We were able to measure improvements in people engagement and culture, as well as improved leadership.”

Glen Snowden | Senior Leader


“Jem has been my leadership coach for over a year. It’s hard to put into words the level personal and professional development I have enjoyed as a result of our work. The feedback I receive in regards to my development as a leader is remarkable.”

Nicole French | Owner, Director

Exercise Rehab