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To ensure sustainable change, Jem works with you and your teams both onsite or offsite over a tailored period of time. This can be 3 to 12 months depending on the needs of the individual or organisation. The level of engagement is determined based on your needs and desired outcomes.

An important component of coaching is support and accountability. Through the duration of your program, you and your people will have open access to advice and mentoring from Jem. There can also be a form of regular checks to make sure the necessary actions are being taken.

As helpful as it is to have a roadmap to achieving your outcome, it is also vital to have the flexibility required to adapt and meet the changing needs along the way. The path your business needs to take to reach its destination may very well be different from that of other organisations.

Jem will work with you and your leaders along the way to make sure the coaching, support and accountability provided is relevant.