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The person behind it all – You

  • You’re good at your job
  • But there’s not enough time
  • It’s hard to stay motivated and energised
  • It feels like something is missing
  • You’re stuck on a treadmill
  • And you find yourself thinking or doing things you wish you weren’t

And… the year is racing by so fast AGAIN!

No matter how many boxes you tick, you can’t seem to get rid of this underlying feeling…

You always thought you were meant for more.

This is affecting you – your relationships, your career, your connections, your mindset.

So… now it’s time…

activate The Empowerment Method in your life.

Your Solution

A Personal Program

Each month you receive:

  • Private 1to1 coaching with Jem
  • Clear actions to create change
  • Access to the live Q&A webinar
  • Downloadable video lessons
  • Audio recordings of guided processes
  • The opportunity to connect, share and learn from our community
  • Membership rates to Jem’s international retreat programs and local events



Current state deep dive assessment. Where are you at? What are your blind-spots. What are the causes of your dissatisfaction? What is your limiting belief framework?


How would you ideally like your experience of life to be? What’s in your way? Receive the road map that will guide you from where you are to where you want to be.


With the support and accountability of your personal coach, your new tools and your newfound community, you will take the actions and steps to become the person you need to be.


Start to enjoy the results and benefits of actions and practises. Learn strategies to create healthy habits. Start forming new neural pathways that become functional belief systems. We measure and track your results.


Now experiencing your life the way you wished you could. With ingrained strategies and the skills to continue practising your Satisfied Life. Now it’s time for Contribution and helping others achieve Contentment.