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From barefoot traveller wandering around Central and South East Asia…

to suit-and-tie corporate leader of a 100 million dollar division of a multi-national organisation, and now leading groups into the remote wilderness of the Indian Himalaya, Australian outback Kimberley and remote jungles of northern Bali… Jem has certainly packed a lot of experience into one life.

Jem’s work history around the world spans from fire dancer to tattooist, actor to cable-guy, motorcycle courier to kindergarten teacher, salesman to travel agent, labourer to technician and then eventually senior corporate leader. He has studied a variety of different healing arts including Reflexology, Chinese Massage and Reiki and over the last decade has been studying Human Behaviour, Coaching, Mindfulness, Leadership and Culture.

In 2012 Jem experienced how pressure to drive profit growth can push us away from our values and authentic self. Insert here a mid-life ‘crisis/awakening’ and Jem then propels himself on a new mission to help others achieve fulfilment through more mindful and authentic leadership and creating positive and vibrant cultures.

Jem now coaches CEO’s and senior leaders of international organisations, government departments, Not For Profits and private businesses on how to lead more mindfully and effectively while keeping it real. His company, Leaders In Life, also improves these capabilities for clients by taking them on transformational programs in remote, breathtakingly-beautiful and culturally diverse locations around the world.

What matters most? Find out here in your free copy of Jem’s book.