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Online Courses & Workshops

One of Jem’s values is accessibility. To make his content, teachings and coaching more widely available, he has created a series of online courses. You can check out his free and paid courses here.

Jem’s Personal Resilience course has inbuilt measurement tools to allow you to track the improvement of wellbeing in your teams.

Jem also delivers live workshops both face to face and virtually. Any one-off workshop engagement includes pre and post event briefing to design and support the content delivered.

Content options include Embracing Change, Improving Self Awareness, Culture Design, Advanced Communication, High Performing Teams, Resilient Leaders and more.

The workshops are designed to engage the attendees and create not only a memorable experience, but to ignite and inspire positive change. These workshops can be a part of your conference or event, or delivered in-house as a part of your existing people development programs.